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What is Smart Enabler?

Smart Enabler Mobile creates a digital bridge between a Smart Community's governing body and its citizens.   We accomplish this by aggregating websites, workflows, portals, and online services on our cloud and integrating them into a single mobile application for the citizens of a Smart Community


Smart Enabler Mobile is a versatile application that fits almost anybody's needs. We designed a flexible and customizable platform to work in communities such as:


Smart Enabler Mobile connects citizens to their local governments and services and can also include private sector and academic sector services all in one mobile app for their community.


Smart Enabler Mobile creates a network between military personnel, their families, military bases and infrastructure.


Smart Enabler Mobile creates a virtual community for students, teachers, and parents to interact and collaborate as a community.


Smart Enabler Mobile allows property managers to keep their apartments, condominiums and retirement homes connected and their tenants satisfied.

Key Features

Alerts, Notifications,  & Announcements

Intelligent mobile alerts and notifications can be sent to your community members safely and securely based on a variety of parameters including geolocation, user status, address, and many more.

Feedback Collection & Sentiment Analysis

Enrich your users' satisfaction data collection efforts through our feedback and sentiment collection capabilities. Get general to specific feedback about your community well-being through intuitive surveys on the app.

Mobile Payment Processing

Enable the collection of mobile processing for your community's payments, fees, and various expenses. Using our secure platform allows you to digitize existing cash flow streams and open new ones.

Drag & Drop Workflow Builder

Utilize our intuitive Drag and Drop Workflow builder to develop and manage your mobile application. You'll be able to develop simple workflows in minutes or tailor one of the many templates that we provide to fit your needs.

Use Cases

Smart Enabler allows members to easily access your information and workflows such as:

Community Applications, Forms, and Waivers

Building & Facilities Hours of Operation

Service Request & Tickets

Package Deliveries and Pickups

Online Payment, Fee, and Expense Collection

Community Alerts
and Notifications

Contact Information for Officials, Managers and Staff

Job & Volunteer Opportunities

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